Welcome to Dolefully Desired. This is a site for distributing music videos. If you check the list link above, you'll find a complete list of the videos I have. The Downloads link is where you find the ones I've already uploaded, sorted by artist. If there's a video on my list that is not yet uploaded and you need/want that video, you may request it via the contact form.

Please note that I hold no copyrights for any information or files contained on this site. The only thing I own is the code that put this layout together, and I'm all for open source, so even that's not copyrighted. Please don't sue me.

Note for downloaders: To prevent file streaming and promote accurate click counts, the extension of non-zipped files has been renamed. .gpm = .mpg and .gepm = .mpeg and .abc = .avi If any other extensions are used, the changes will be noted beside the individual files. You'll need to change the extension back post-download in order to play the files. Thanks for your understanding.